Shelter Windows

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We built our home 10 years ago and installed Shelter windows they have been nothing, but problems. They leaks air air, have rotted right in place. They are twisted and gasping in places. They have been replaced in pieces, sash and even a whole window, that was completely rotted through.

We were told we didn't finish them correctly even after we stained, varnished and hand waxed. Most likely we will be replacing all our windows before they are 12 years old. They windows were said to be as good as Pella. Didn't fair well with Better business bureau.


Centerville, Iowa, United States #863729

I have shelter windows in a house we just purchased. does anyone know where to get screen windows for them? Thanks for all help.


We had the same experience: air leaks, breakages, idiotic cheap plastic parts for the sash windows, frames coming apart from their own weight,vapor seal breaks, constant problems.They deserved to go out of business.

Good luck with your house.Shelter probably cost us $1500/year in propane because of their junk.


We experienced the same problems as the first person with leaking of air which in winter caused my window sill to ice up and take the finish off the windows.Company sent man twice and all he did was put in new slides.

Didn't help! When I called the company to inform them that I need to put on storm windows to stop the air from coming in the President of the company's son said, "They didn't put storms on shelter windows". They refused to help us with the cost of storm windows and I never heard from them again. Now I am having problems with the windows again.

The mechanism that makes the double hung go up and down and fold inwards has moved and I don't know how to fix it.What a mess.

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